Jessica Ripley

Jessica is one of the original founders of Endera Publishing (now Eighth Ripple Press).

She holds an MBA and specializes in social media marketing. Jessica is the main coordinator and marketer for ERP, but also helps authors with substantive editing and formatting.

Jackie Lefebvre

Jackie is one of the original founders of Endera Publishing (now Eighth Ripple Press).

She holds an Honors B.A. degree in English Literature and an M.A. degree in Theatre Theory and Dramaturgy. She is a specialist in English gothic literature, both in novels and on the stage. Her thesis, Conservative Propaganda in the Shakespearean Gothic of James Boaden, published at the University of Ottawa, explores the impact of politics on popular gothic stage adaptations in England at the turn of the nineteenth century, and the social role of those plays in light of the French Revolution.

Beth French

Beth has been working with Eighth Ripple Press as an editor since 2017.

Having an immense sense of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, Beth’s educational background is as diverse as her work experience, giving her the opportunity to write and edit a variety of works. Her first love was law and the twisted plot lines of a crime thriller which led her to the legal profession. Second came her love for art history and the layers of history embedded in the fibers and splinters of century-old masterpieces which are revealed through historical figures and large political plots. Both of these passions are underlined by an ever-present need to be involved in the world of literature. While she has experience in academic editing, it is the works of fiction that intrigue her the most given the depth of characters that can be created and the complexity of situations that challenge and change perceptions. As an editor, Beth is interested in supporting, clarifying and enhancing the work of authors in order to allow audiences to fully immerse themselves into creative and insightful worlds.