Bonnie Lynn Carroll

Bonnie resides near Buffalo, NY, but also frequents the family cottage near Georgian Bay, Ontario. She attended the University of Buffalo and earned a bachelors in art with a major in Cultural Anthropology and minor in Classics, as well as a masters in art with a major in Archaeology.

In her spare time she also paints, draws, writes poetry, and snow boards. She also devotes a lot of time to her dogs (who are more like her children), her family, and her boyfriend and his daughter.

Bess Hamilton

Bess is an emerging emerging writer focusing on literary fiction with a gothic flavour. She is joining us for our Steamy Cogs collection. Her first novel, a gothic romance titled Like This You Keep Them Alive, will be published by Sands Press in Spring 2018.

Jessi Ripley

Jessica writes mystery, and sweet romance that focus on people, experiences, and how two hearts meeting can change people entirely.

When she’s not writing she’s reading, working on websites and social media, hanging out with her husband, and playing with their two cats and two dogs.

Mandy Rosko

USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy Rosko is a videogame playing, book loving chick. She loves writing paranormal and contemporary romances that range from light steamy to erotic.

Laurie Stewart

Laurie is a writer/ film-maker living in the Ottawa area. She is an amateur herbalist, genealogist and painter. She also has a diploma in Accounting, specializing in artists and writers.