Bonnie Lynn Carroll

A Western New York author of suspenseful short stories and novellas, Bonnie has been writing for fun since high school and has recently decided to try to make a career out of what she loves. Most of her fiction is based off of dreams she has had, but some of it is created out of her overactive imagination. You can follow her for new book announcements at

Jennifer Graff Litzenberger

Jenn wears many hats as a part time stay-at-home-mom, singer, substitute teacher and editor. She earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education Degree from the University of Regina where she majored in English and minored in Music. Jennifer has a passion for the arts, dabbling in singing, acting, directing and writing.  In her spare time, she likes to travel, camp, shop and bake. Jennifer is married to her high school sweetheart, Michael. Together they share a 3 year old son, and are expecting again for this winter. They live in small-town Saskatchewan with their Maltese/Shih tzu, Ruger.

Check out Jenn’s work as editor of PINK Magazine– a magazine written by, for and about Saskatchewan women. You can also follow along with her adventures on Miss Jenny Any Dots – a fashion and lifestyle blog for the free at heart.

Jessica Ripley

An author and entrepreneur, Jess works as project manager (and author!) for Eighth Ripple Press. She is a Military spouse and slave to 4 fur-babies (two canine and two feline). She considers Disney World her second home. She writes about some of her adventures on her blog.

Raeanne G. Roy

As a Canadian fiction author, Raeanne is a passionate martial artist, hobbyist musician, and a lover of geeky things. Originally from North Bay, Ontario, the youngest of three children, she now resides in Ottawa. She has been writing stories since age nine. She writes in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, romance, erotica, and historical fiction. Many of her stories feature strong female protagonists. You can read more about Raeanne on her website.

Laurie Stewart

Laurie is a writer/ film-maker living in the Ottawa area. She is an amateur herbalist, genealogist and painter. She also has a diploma in Accounting, specializing in artists and writers.

Recently her two cookbooks Fresh and Home-made Asian Cooking, and Fresh and Homemade Indian Cooking were released through Corvid Moon Publishing. Her self-published gritty YA novella “A Test of Loyalty” was released in 2015, and the sequel (Alone in the Night) is due out in Fall, 2016.

Growing up on army bases around the world, she learned early to use her imagination and dark humour to keep herself entertained. These days she lives in her imagination, writing dark fantasy, crossover mysteries, and cookbooks. Joining her in her century old farmhouse are her long-suffering husband, who never knows whether she’s talking about book characters or real people; a 23lb white behemoth, who thinks he’s a cat named Yeti; and a 4lb black cat called Jules Verne, who bosses Yeti around.

You can find her sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge at book festivals and conventions in the Ottawa area. She spends her off time writing new books, reading or simply enjoying time with loved ones.  Follow her on her website/ blog, or on Facebook as Laurie Stewart: Writer, Filmmaker, Painter. You can also look her up at Can-Con and Ad Astra, her favourite SFF conventions!