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December Wishes

Publication Date: December 1, 2016

The Christmas Kat by Stacey M. Brooks: A tale reminiscent of classic Christmas miracle stories. The blind protagonist, Rosie, finds herself in a bad situation and is helped by a mysterious woman named Kat.

The Mystic One by Jessica Ripley: Visit the North Pole with Iris James, an investigative reporter, to meet the residents (including Santa himself). Iris needs to help Noah Kringle solve a crucial mystery in time to save Christmas.

Christmas Baggage by Shawnett Johnson: Follow Regina Morris after a string of bad luck lands her in a temporary administrative role at a large company. She must successfully pull together the company Christmas party while navigating treacherous waters around the shark that is her boss, Derrick St. Claire.

The Bestest Present by Laurie Stewart: Ashtoreth is an ancient Master Vampyre and Lilith is a new Goth vampire. Years, experience, and wisdom separate them, but Lilith is desperate to throw a magnificent holiday party and cheer up her elder.

The Package by Bonnie Lynn Carroll: Travel with Andromeda Noir, the best pilot in the Alpha Quadrant. She’s just agreed to take a handsome male passenger as well as a very precious package across the galaxy, and she must safely deliver the cargo on time if she’s to make it back to Earth for her Mother’s Christmas dinner.

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Love Lost

By Bonnie Lynn Carroll

What would you do if you found out the man in your dreams was real, and he was once married to a woman who looked just like you?

Rachelle Warren, a young art student with a gift for painting, has been haunted her entire life by dreams of another time and of a love so strong, she feels the pain of its loss through her waking hours.

In Love Lost, Rachelle sets off on a road trip to New York City. Will she be able to find the man from her dreams, or has time shattered all they once shared together?

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Shifting Shards

Publication date: October 1, 2016

Five short stories featuring shifters, most centered around Halloween.

Authors: Bonnie Lynn Carroll, Jennifer Graff Litzenberger, Jess Ripley, Raeanne G. Roy, Laurie Stewart

In Print and Ebook format: Amazon.com | Amazon.ca | Kobo